STI-CO Industries, Inc.  

ISO9000 & Lean Implementation


"The Insyte team helped us understand our customers and helped us bring new products to the market." -Kyle Swiat, Vice President


  • 70% Reduction in lead times.
  • 90% improvement in on-time delivery.
  • 100% Sales increase. 
  • Increased inventory turns from 3 to 8 annually. 
  • 500% Increase in net operating profit.


STI-CO Industries, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of covert, tactical and public safety antenna systems. The majority of STI- CO's customers are local, state and federal government agencies within the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico. They also partner with major high-profile OEM customers.  


STI-CO's ability to effectively service its customer base required improvement. Lead times were generally two to three weeks in a market that needed quick response, and on-time delivery averaged less than 50 percent. The company's inventory turns were low and about three turns annually.

Management believed that a lean manufacturing approach could help address and resolve the operational issues. By innovating these processes, the company could better position itself to innovate their products.


The first step was to introduce all employees to the principles of lean manufacturing. A full-day workshop provided basic knowledge in lean manufacturing methodology, and participants learned real-work application. 

Insyte also worked with STI-CO to complete a high-level value stream map of the entire organization for both current and desired future states. This mapping exercise provided a comprehensive implementation plan utilizing the appropriate tools of lean manufacturing for each of their major product lines. Cross-functional teams worked to organize and understand new processes and practices; they then introduced and implemented these concepts into key production areas. 

In addition, STI-CO and Insyte began the process of building and implementing an ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality system, which was reviewed with the entire STI-CO team, further establishing a foundation for understanding and progress.