Pivot Punch Corporation

ISO9000 Certification


  • ISO 9000:2000 Standard certification received in desired time frame
  • 99.9% first pass quality yield
  • 2% decrease in customer non-compliance
  • 15% increase in sales to existing customers
  • 5% increase in sales to new customers
  • Improved internal and external communication


Pivot Punch Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of punches, die buttons, retainers and custom tools for the metal piercing, stamping and forming industry. Established in 1945, the company currently employs 75 and has over 55,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area in their Lockport, NY facility. Known to be "on the cutting edge of industry," Pivot Punch has positioned itself to have selection, delivery, and reliability at a highly competitive price, and strives to be the single source piercing tool supplier for their customers.


In late 2004, Pivot Punch management made a strategic decision to become ISO 9000 certified, based on their desire to improve quality, performance, and internal business systems. Achieving ISO 9000 certification was viewed as the most important step toward gaining another competitive edge, showing both current and potential new customers that they are committed to a continuous improvement attitude throughout the organization. It was speculated that this effort would eventually pay off in increased sales and a collection of new customers.


Pivot Punch contacted Insyte Consulting in February 2005 to begin the process of building and implementing an ISO 9000 compliant quality system, with the goal of certification by the end of the year. An internal project leadership team was formed and, combined with facilitation and coaching from a certified ISO system Insyte consultant, they guided the organization through the project.

An initial review of existing procedures and documentation was conducted at the outset in order to develop a realistic project plan. An overview of the ISO 9000 standard was presented to all employees. This overview set a strong, common foundation of understanding across the organization, and validated the importance of the ISO implementation to the company's future.

The management team developed a quality manual, along with a quality policy and quality objectives to provide the structure for a quality system that was aligned with the company's vision. An ISO registrar was also selected and scheduled for the formal audit.

Personnel were trained in process mapping to assist in development of internal procedures. Teams were assigned to develop area and process specific procedures, while Insyte reviewed the created documentation and coached the team to ensure compliance to the ISO standard.

Internal auditor training was also completed. The internal audit schedule was created and one complete audit cycle implemented. Review of the quality system was done through weekly meetings with the project management team. Management reviews began in August and were held every three weeks. This aided in the system implementation while developing the practice of management reviews required by the standard.

One month before the official registration audit another professional from Insyte Consulting conducted a full mock audit of Pivot Punch's quality system. This step in the system development generated a gap analysis of the new system and exposed the entire organization to the formal audit process that would eventually occur.

Pivot Punch's registration audit was conducted by an accredited registrar in December of 2005 and the company received their formal ISO 9000:2000 Standard certification in January 2006.

The success of this project, in the desired time frame, is founded on the unyielding support and commitment of all Pivot Punch employees to achieve this goal. The commitment and enthusiasm grew as procedures were implemented and improvements were realized. Pivot Punch Corporation is now achieving a first pass quality yield of 99.9%, virtually eliminating customer rejects. As predicted, the company has also experienced a 15% increase in existing customer sales and a 5% increase in sales to new customers as additional benefits of their improvement in quality, performance, and internal business systems.

"Becoming an ISO Certified Company required a unified effort from all of the associates at Pivot. In the end, Pivot became a more disciplined company, with greater efforts aimed at providing our customers with quality, traceability, and on time shipments." - Rick Chapman, Vice President of Manufacturing