Strategic Business Support


  • 330% increase in employment
  • 396% increase in sales
  • 20% reduction in operating costs
  • 18% increase in throughput
  • 14% reduction in lead-time
  • Formal strategic plan; "Our Success Code Book"
  • Formal marketing plan
  • Budgeting process


K-TECHnologies is an OEM contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies for a variety of aerospace, defense and industrial applications. The company was formed in 1997 and quickly established itself as a key supplier for several major manufacturers within its targeted markets. Annual sales have increased steadily, averaging 36% annually, with substantial growth also anticipated for the next 2-3 years. Manufacturing operations are conducted within a modern 5,400 square foot facility on a one-shift/six-day basis. This non-union facility currently employs 16 full time and several part time workers.


K-TECHnologies initially contacted Insyte Consulting for general business consulting and funding information in July 1998. By mid 2000, the company was experiencing strong growth and found that it needed to introduce the necessary business and manufacturing processes into the organization. These included cost structure/controls, shop floor controls and various operational procedures and systems. In addition, support was needed in the sales and marketing area to ensure that the company was effectively targeting opportunities that would drive the long-term growth of the organization. Due to the size of the company, the breadth of managerial expertise was not available internally to meet these needs.


In order to understand K-TECHnologies' needs, Insyte Consulting conducted a full business and manufacturing assessment. The resulting information was used to obtain $25,000 in New York State Industrial Effectiveness Program (IEP) funding. The monies were used to develop a strategic plan, which also included formal marketing, organizational development and financial plans. Operational and business improvements were also introduced, including lean manufacturing concepts, a formal quality process, a human resource structure and comprehensive budgeting and costing systems.

As the business base expanded, Insyte Consulting assisted K-TECHnologies further in the manufacturing area, resulting in increased throughput, reduced lead times and improved inventory turns. This was accomplished through the implementation of various elements of lean manufacturing, including cellular flow and work place organization.

"The partnership with Insyte Consulting helped me as an "engineer turned entrepreneur" to formalize my vision and develop K-TECH's roadmap to success, virtually as we wish. This has truly been a transformation." - Jeff Kryszak, President, K-TECHnologies, Inc.