JT Precision, Inc.


  • New website created from scratch in 6 weeks
  • First Request for Quotation received from new prospect within 10 days after website startup
  • Growing number of requests for quotation from new prospective customers being received
  • 99.8% first pass quality rate on production of 4.5 million parts in past year
  • Customer rejects virtually eliminated
  • Eliminated need for customer in-plant inspections
  • 3.7% reduction in scrap rate


JT Precision is a contract manufacturer located in Barker, NY. The company produces turned and machined components for medical, electronics, aerospace, military, commercial and industrial applications. Services such as supplier qualification and assembling and testing of subassemblies are also provided. JT Precision serves customers who need moderate quantities of a wide mix of machined components that are designed for performance and reliability in products such as vacuum pumps and compressors. The company works with a wide variety of materials including ferrous, alloyed and nonferrous metals, plastics and graphite. JT Precision has a variety of up-to-date turning, machining, finishing and inspection equipment, including Swiss-style turning centers for small, high-precision parts.


JT Precision has a solid base of customers and revenues, but the founder and President's vision was to expand both the customer base and revenues. Although he has years of experience in precision machining, he has had limited exposure to marketing techniques used to secure new customers. A contact at the Niagara County Center for Economic Development (Niagara IDA) referred him to Insyte Consulting for assistance in helping him grow his business. He then decided to engage Insyte Consulting in multiple areas related to growing his business.

Statistics indicate that purchasing agents use Internet search engines over 90% of the time to locate and initially qualify new suppliers. For this reason, the Insyte consultant advised that having a website that presented JT Precision suitably to prospective buyers was an essential first step.


The overall goal of the website was to persuade the "right" prospective new customers to contact JT Precision to request a quotation. Before beginning any website development the consultant worked with the president to answer some fundamental Marketing 101 questions including: Articulate what type(s) of prospective customers would be most interested in JT Precision's capabilities Describe the unique aspects of JT Precision's capabilities that most interest prospective customers Determine the specific information that prospective customers want to see on the website Identify who were likely competitors and how they presented themselves

Using this information and further research, the consultant developed a sales and marketing strategy with supporting tactics that would: Cause more of the "right" prospective customers to visit the site Cause site visitors to contact JT Precision for quotations Build JT Precision's reputation (branding) in particular market applications

The key points of the recommendations were: Write content that highlighted JT Precision's capabilities in terms of what site visitors were looking for and that differentiated the company from competitors. Incorporate keywords that were most likely to be used by someone searching for a new supplier. Organize the site layout and content in a manner that followed Best Practices, so that the site visitor could easily see and read information that would persuade him to contact the company

The Insyte consultant defined the entire website using the acquired information, recommendations and sales and marketing strategy including: Page structure and navigation of the entire website for ease in locating desired information Conceptual layout for the website content using Best Practices to keep visitors on the site Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content for each page that provided the information site visitors would be looking for, that was easy to find, and that differentiated JT Precision from competitors The Insyte consultant did not program the website but instead directed a third party website programmer selected by JT Precision. The programmer developed the graphical format for the website for "look and feel" and did the programming and debugging to create a working website.

The resulting website was created from scratch in six weeks and may be viewed at www.JTPrecision.com. Pages were optimized with search keywords including terms that cause Google to list them if someone was doing a geographic search for machining in specific local cities and counties. In addition, Google Analytics was included in the new website HTML source code so that visitors to the site could be recorded and analyzed. The website has only been on-line for a few months, and it takes several months to rise in the search engine rankings. But, within the first ten days, JT Precision received a request for quotation from a completely new prospective customer who was looking for a supplier in the area. Hits on the site continue to increase, and together with activity generated by a newly hired sales person, JT Precision is receiving an increasing number of requests for quotations from completely new customers.

"It was a good decision to bring in an outside sales and marketing expert. He not only provided much needed guidance on how to grow my company, but also helped accelerate implementation of the improvements we needed to make it happen." - Jeff Thuman, President, JT Precision, Inc.