IMMCO Diagnostics Inc.

Strategic Operating Plan


  • Measurable Strategic Operating Plan
  • Formal planning process established
  • Employee commitment and buy-in
  • Ability to react quickly to changing market demands


IMMCO Diagnostics Inc., founded and based in Buffalo NY, has provided hospitals, laboratories and physicians with products and services to aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases since 1971. Building from a reference laboratory, the company invested heavily in research, began manufacturing diagnostic products in the 1980's, distributing internationally in the 1990's and most recently began soliciting contract R&D projects from the pharmaceutical industry. The company's goal is to become "the total solution in autoimmunity" for its clients, offering focused, comprehensive products and services in this field. As the business has grown, IMMCO's workforce has expanded to 38 employees.


IMMCO needed to develop and implement a formal strategic planning process to focus its activities and propel growth in a business that depends on innovation and rapid product development in a competitive international market.


IMMCO contacted Insyte Consulting for assistance in the development and implementation of a Strategic Operating Plan. A group of five companies with similar interests and commitment to strategic planning was assembled to participate in a group planning project. The group project model was applied for two reasons: to provide assistance cost-effectively and benefit the participating companies with the interchange of ideas and experience with other executives.

Employing a combination of Insyte Consulting professionals and qualified third party consultants, a series of organized workshops, roundtables, instructional sessions and one-on-one on-site coaching engagements were arranged. Training sessions utilized Strategic Mapping concepts developed by Geraci & Associates, a regional consulting firm.

As a result of participation in this project, IMMCO was able to create a measurable strategic operating plan and establish a formal planning process. Having solid planning in place allows IMMCO to recognize near-term issues while aligning operational plans with greater corporate goals. The planning process enables the company to enlist the full commitment of its employees to a plan that they have helped develop and of which they have a clear understanding. The company is confident it is now able to address and adapt to rapidly changing demands of the market.

"Insyte Consulting is a springboard in the local business community to expertise, services and models of entrepreneurial success that would otherwise be inaccessible." - Dr. Vijay Kumar, President