Enivate, Inc.

AS9100 Quality Management System Implementation


  • Achieved AS9100 certification in required time frame
  • Maintained their position as a key supplier to a major customer
  • Developed a methodology for continuous improvement of existing systems
  • Developed standardized and clearly defined processes for meeting customer requirements


Enivate (formerly Enidine Aerospace), Inc., an IMC Company located in Orchard Park NY, is a manufacturer of motion control devices and systems for a variety of industrial and aerospace applications. The thirty-year old company, of approximately 200 employees, has been registered to the 1994 version of ISO 9000 since 1992 for its two major product divisions located at the Orchard Park site.


Enivate was required to upgrade its quality management system to the AS9100 standard. This was due to a requirement mandated by Boeing, one of its major customers in the aerospace segment, that all suppliers will be AS9100 registered by the end of 2003. Published by SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers, AS9100 is a quality management system that includes ISO9001:2000 in its entirety and adds specific requirements that are critical for the aerospace sector.


Enivate contacted Insyte Consulting for assistance in implementing an AS9100 Quality Management System in January 2003. A joint ENIVATE/Insyte Consulting team was formed to implement an AS9100 compliant quality system. A review of the existing processes and documentation was performed with ENIVATE personnel to determine where the existing system needed improvement. A project plan was developed to identify the necessary steps and assign responsibility for the required tasks.

The project team focused primarily on developing processes and procedures to meet the requirements unique to the AS 9100 standard for the aerospace industry. In addition, new processes and procedures were developed and implemented to achieve improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout Enivate's value stream and supply chain.

As new procedures were developed and approved, personnel were trained in their application. Once the direction was set, Enivate management took the lead in finalizing documentation and implementing the needed changes.

In October 2003, an audit was conducted where Enivate was successfully recommended for the AS 9100 certification.


"Enivate needed additional resources with the proper skill sets to revise our quality system to meet the AS9100 standard within a short project timeframe. Insyte Consulting provided the additional resources needed that were able to competently contribute to the successful completion of the project on time." - Steve DiIoia, Quality Manager, Enivate, Inc.