Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information & Updates for Manufacturers

Webinar 8/17: The Human Assets of a Business

The Human Assets of a Business – Free Webinar It’s all about the people–learn how businesses return, re-engage, redefine and retain the people that make the business work. Hear from the expert Matthew Kerzner, Ph.D. Director in The Center for Individual and Organizational Performance at EinserAmper who can share best practices in making the most

Case Study: Eastman Machine – Facility Layout and Plant Expansion

COMPANY Eastman Machine Company is a 130-year-old private, cutting machine manufacturer in Buffalo, NY. Eastman offers the industry ’s widest range of classic, hand-held and manually-operated fabric cutting machines; as well as fully automated, computerized cutting systems and feeding equipment for a variety of industries. SITUATION The company’s 20%+ annual growth in recent years, primarily

It’s National Hot Dog Day!

Our friends and clients at Sahlen’s and Wardynski’s would certainly be unhappy if we missed THIS celebration, but so would the tens of thousands of WNYers (1 in 5 in Niagara County and 1 in 6 in Erie County) who trace their ancestry to Germany.  You see, this quintessentially American food is actually a German

Gear Motions: Consolidating Operations in New Facility

So great to see this project coming to fruition! We’ve had long-lasting partnership with Gear Motions Buffalo (Oliver Gear/ Niagara Gear Divisions) and we were happy to leverage our team and local expertise to help set this manufacturing facility undertaking up as efficiently and effectively as possible. Insyte also engaged the team overseeing the National

NYS Manufacturing Surges to Record High

The New York Federal Reserve’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey spiked almost 26 points to an all-time high of 43.0 in July, significantly surpassing expectations (a reading above 0.0 indicates growth in manufacturing activity).  Shipments were up 29.6 points to 43.8, New Orders were up 16.9 points to 33.2.  Prices Paid remained near record levels, but

Sales Questions You’re Not Asking

I have been fortunate in my career that I have spent time on both sides of the negotiation table.  Most of my years have been on the sales side, however, I did a stint on the supply chain side as well.  This experience opened my eyes to a few things that I did not see

Happy World Chocolate Day!

Happy World Chocolate Day!  Western New York has a rich chocolate history that extends even beyond sponge candy and dates back to the 1800’s.  Learn about WNY’s candy history and how we figured in I Love Lucy‘s famous chocolate manufacturing scene in our blog from 2017.    

NYS Manufacturing Expands, Pace Slows, Outlook Grows

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of NY’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey, “manufacturing activity grew solidly in…the June survey, though at a slower pace than seen in the past few months.”  The Index fell -6.9 points to 17.4 (a reading above 0.0 indicates expansion) driven by New Orders (-12.6 to 16.3), Shipments (-15.5 to 14.2)

Value Stream Mapping for Make-to-Order

The Lean Manufacturing trend that has swept through industry over the last 20+ years may have left some businesses behind. Many companies working in a Make to Order (MTO) or Engineer to Order (ETO) type of industry have rejected the Lean Manufacturing approach assuming that Lean does not apply to their business. The truth is

Report Sees Manufacturing Reshoring Spike

According to’s “State of North American Manufacturing, 2021 Annual Report,” 83% of North American Manufacturers report that they are “likely” to “extremely likely” to reshore, compared to 54% in early 2020, with an estimated impact of $443 Billion.  Increasing interest in reshoring is presumably related to supply chain dislocations and risks related to COVID