Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information & Updates for Manufacturers

Reopen WNY: Supporting WNY Manufacturers through COVID-19 and the New Normal

Insyte Consulting is adapting our services to COVID-19 to support manufacturers in a landscape that has and will continue to change daily.  Not only do manufacturers have to deal with current priorities, but they also need to make contingency plans for how another outbreak may impact business.  Here is a list of services we’re offering

Reopen WNY: Visitors to Your Facility

As WNY manufacturing continues to open up and we get more used to what was our daily life; one of the items that manufacturers will need to deal with is the question of visitors to your facility.  Visitors can be customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, sales people, inspectors and delivery personnel (including: truckers, UPS, Fed-EX, USPS,

Reopen WNY – NY State’s Decision to NOT Use Phones for Contact Tracing

In April Apple and Google announced plans to jointly build COVID-19 tracing into iPhone and Android operating systems. The move marked a major partnership between these competitors in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Android and iOS updates that included this COVID-19 contact tracing feature were publicly released on May 20.  You will

Reopen WNY – Would You Pass NY Forward’s Reopening Data Audit?

NY State has asked businesses to state their compliance with New York Forward’s reopening guidelines by submitting an online form (  It is way too early to know if and how these guidelines will be monitored, but it is important to know what you are signing up for. This blog focuses on the required records

U.S. Manufacturing Comes Off Its Lows

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) has published its PMI index for May, showing a slight improvement to 43.1, up +1.6 points from April’s reading of 41.5, the lowest level since the Great Recession in 2009 (a reading below 50.0 is consistent with contraction in manufacturing activity).  Key individual measures also improved, while still showing

Reopen WNY – QMS Remote Audits for Manufacturers

In an April 16th blog post we introduced the use of E-audits or Remote auditing for internal audits. As social distancing becomes the norm for the foreseeable future, the use of remote audits will expand to include registration audits and customer audits. As the use of remote audits increases, the practices associated with these audits must

Reopen WNY: Managing Cyber Risks

Intelligence agencies, security firms, and tech titans are ringing alarm bells over the growing threat from cybercriminals in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The FBI recently issued a warning about malware known as Kwampirs, which targets supply chains. Because of COVID-19, more people are working remotely, and being exposed to significant technology risks,

Reopen NY: Workplace Activity

As manufacturers work to reopen their facilities and begin production, New York state has issued the Reopen NY Master Guidance for Manufacturing Activities. The following is an excerpt from that document regarding workplace activity. Responsible Parties must take measures to reduce interpersonal contact and congregation, through methods such as: Limiting in-person presence to only those

Reopen WNY: Touchless Visitor Sign In

It is unimaginable how quickly we collectively have become averse to exchanging cash, using a keypad to pay via credit card or worse yet signing something with a shared pen.  As a potential future visitor to your building, can I suggest a 100% touchless sign in process?  Yes, these systems do exist! You may recall

Reopen WNY: The New Office Environment

Changes in the workplace are happening at unprecedented speeds.  With an estimated 60+% of employed Americans working from home during the pandemic, the latest wave of change surrounds getting these people safely back to the office.  The question on everyone’s mind is: How many of these recent changes will be permanent and what will the