Create customized, cost effective training solutions to match your current training needs
  • Reduce the time to deliver content
  • Provide users 24/7 access from any internet connection
  • Enhance training through interactive content and quizzes


Bronze Package

Ideal for repetitive training situations such as new employee orientation or safety training which require a unique standardized message to be delivered at any time from any location. This cost effective, secured solution offers quick and easy access to training or educational material.

Silver Package

Designed for organizations looking to enhance employee development through individualized training plans by providing access to customized and standard modules. Vast library of standard content includes material focused on such topics as lean, quality, change management, project management, etc. Your training administrator will have complete control over user access and the ability to track their progress against their individual training plan.

Gold Package

This fully functional, high end solution is perfect for organizations looking to combine the functionality found in both bronze and silver solutions while adding the flexibility of enhanced reporting and user management capabilities. This solution allows companies to design a learning management system that meets any company-specific requirement.