Sizzling News on Local Manufacturer

Mineo & Sapio1

Mineo & Sapio Sausage, one of Insyte’s clients, recently received news that it has been selected as a supplier to HarborCenter’s new 716 Restaurant scheduled to open in mid-2015.  The restaurant is selecting quality suppliers from the Western New York region for their menu in order to support our local food traditions. Mineo & Sapio’s Italian Sausage patties have been a prominent fixture on the Buffalo food  scene since 1921. They’re a part of the Erie County Fair experience, and their sausage patties are available at local supermarkets and restaurants.  Recently they introduced a sausage and cheese stuffed fresh pepper which you’ll see in local restaurants and supermarkets. Ask for them, by name when ordering at restaurants or store to support a great tasting local tradition.