Buffalo, NY – Insyte Consulting, a non-­profit management consulting organization, announced today it has helped its manufacturing clients reach $1 Billion in economic impact in Western New York. The figure is the sum total of the benefits reported by Insyte Consulting clients since 2000 to independent third-­party survey companies working for the United States Department of Commerce. Part of the $1 Billion includes saving or creating over 7,200 jobs.

“This $1 Billion is good for all of us because it shows that Western New York manufacturers continue to invest in making themselves more competitive and profitable,” said Benjamin Rand, President of Insyte Consulting. “Manufacturing ranks #1 in gross domestic product and #3 in employment in WNY, so it is still the most important economic engine in our region.”

Here is a breakdown of the $1 Billion impact:

New and Retained Sales Capital Investments
Cost Avoidance
Jobs Created or Saved (7,201*)

New and Retained Sales: $458,323,595

Capital Investments: $147,527,999

Cost Avoidance: $73,923,887

Jobs Created or Saved: $348,725,109

Total $ 1,028,500,590

Insyte works side-­by-­side with its clients to help each company make lasting, positive changes using proven and cutting-­edge tools and methods to help them innovate, grow and profit. Services range from Innovation Engineering and New Product Development to Strategic Planning and Operational Excellence.

Among the companies that contributed significant economic impact are:

Tyson Foods, Inc.
Ascension Industries, Inc.
Perry’s Ice Cream Co. Inc.
Curtis Screw Company K-­TECHnologies, Inc.
Polymer Conversions Inc.
Jiffy-­tite Company Inc.
Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. Gypsum Systems Inc.
United Biochemicals, Inc.

Excelco/Newbrook, Inc. Apple Rubber Products, Inc. Pivot Precision Corporation Plesh Contract Packaging Inc. Conax Technologies, LLC
API Heat Transfer Inc.
Hanes Supply, Inc.
Airtek Parker, Inc.
Buflovak, LLC
Accellent, Inc.

Insyte’s experienced team has been working with local manufacturers for over 30 years to help them innovate, grow and profit in competitive global markets. With a focus on growth, Insyte is already working with its clients to reach the next $1 Billion milestone in record time.

“I’m confident that we can help any manufacturing company, big or small, improve,” said Rand. “This $1 billion proves that if you make a little progress every day, every week, every month, company by company, it really adds up.”

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About Insyte Consulting:

For thirty years, Insyte Consulting has been dedicated to helping Western New York manufacturing and technology companies innovate, grow and profit. Insyte’s experienced team works side-­by-­side with our clients to help them make lasting, positive changes in their businesses using an array of proven and cutting-­edge tools and methods. Insyte Consulting, a non-­profit organization, is the NYSTAR-­designated Regional Technology Development Center for WNY.

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