Inyste in The Buffalo News


Insyte and our clients were prominently featured this week in a Buffalo News article about the region’s growing manufacturing industry. Ben Rand spoke on the myth that manufacturing business in Western New York has diminished; to the contrary, many companies are doing quite well. Rand says:

“I think a lot of people believe manufacturing’s left the U.S., that this is all in China now somehow. And the reality is that we’re still far and away the No. 1 manufacturing economy in the world. And even in Western New York, you’ve got a lot of manufacturers who are still investing and growing and doing well.”

Inyste’s recent milestone—reaching $1 billion in client economic impact—is also discussed, showing how Insyte’s consulting services have helped the region’s manufacturing base. The future is bright, says Jack McGowan, saying the number are “a sign of the good work these companies are doing and the progress that they make.”

Photo: Sharon Cantillion/The Buffalo News