Manufacturing Youth Movement

Photo: Buffalo News/Ricky and Heather Turner

Photo: Buffalo News/Ricky and Heather Turner

Sunday’s Buffalo News featured Heather & Ricky Turner, the thirtysomething owners of Blackstone Advanced Technology in Jamestown.  They’re great examples of a growing youth movement in manufacturing.  A new generation of young manufacturers is beginning to emerge across WNY, including: Allie Bendiak and Ben Whiting of Whiting Door; Jason Cordova of Finger Food Products; Steve Davis of Tapecon; John and Nora Eberl of Eberl Iron Works; Elizabeth Galanis-Miller of Sealing Devices; Mark Keller of Keller Technology; Adam Pratt of Sherex; Andy Reinwald of Ripley Machine; Trevor Stevenson of Eastman Machine and many others.  The implications of all this are big since these young leaders will shape WNY manufacturing for decades to come.  Their commitment to the industry is also an important reminder of the great opportunities manufacturing continues to offer in WNY and beyond.