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Hail JAVA!

Coffee blog

What is that essential economic fluid that fuels workers and industry in every country on every continent?  Yes, it’s coffee which we celebrate today on National Coffee Day.  Here at Insyte Consulting, we do our part, not only by drinking plenty of joe, but by working with coffee companies like McCullagh Coffee, which opened its doors in 1867, to make more and better coffee products.  Click here to see a case study of how Insyte helped McCullagh innovate and introduce new products.

The ultimate intersection of coffee and business is the coffee break, which may have been invented right here in Buffalo!  WNY has always been a hotbed of innovation and both the Barcalo Manufacturing Company, makers of the famed “Barcalounger” (see Made in WNY: Buffalo gives birth to the Barcalounger),  and the legendary Larkin Company that brought Frank Lloyd Wright to WNY, have laid claim to inventing the American coffee break.  According to a long-time worker, Barcalo had coffee breaks at its Louisiana Street plant in 1902, however, Larkin’s coffee breaks apparently began in 1900 as reported in this Buffalo News article.  So take a moment today to raise your coffee and toast that those innovative WNY manufacturers who helped make it part of every workday.