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National Aviation Day

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National Aviation Day “celebrates the history and development of aviation” every August 19th which is Orville Wright’s birthday.  Flying is one of humanity’s greatest inventions and from its inception to the present day Western New York has been home to a tremendous amount of aviation innovation, technology and history.  For example, after the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss from Hammondsport, NY was arguably the most import aviation inventor at the dawn of flight, developing ailerons and light-weight engines.  He went on to found Curtiss-Wright, headquartered in Buffalo, which was America’s second largest company by 1945.  A long line of proud aviation companies come from WNY including Bell Aircraft, Consolidated Aircraft, SKF Aeroengine, Moog, Servotronics, Calspan and Astronics (Insyte is proud to count many of these companies among our clients).  They produced many revolutionary aircraft and technologies including America’s first jet and the first plane to break the sound barrier.  Whether it was early biplanes like the famous “Curtiss Jenny” or Space Age wonders like the rocket motor that brought the Apollo Astronauts back from the surface of the moon, WNY innovation has played a critical role as humans ascended into the sky and beyond into space.  So a happy National Aviation Day, indeed, to WNY and our long line of aviation innovators and manufacturers!