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Reopen WNY: Visitors to Your Facility

As WNY manufacturing continues to open up and we get more used to what was our daily life; one of the items that manufacturers will need to deal with is the question of visitors to your facility.  Visitors can be customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, sales people, inspectors and delivery personnel (including: truckers, UPS, Fed-EX, USPS, and food delivery). These visitors can be expected or unannounced.

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Has your organization thought through every visitor scenario, reviewed NY State’s re-opening guidelines, and established a plan covering all these scenarios?

These visitors can be broken up into different categories: expected, unannounced, full access to the facility or limited access to the facility; and may be able to be treated differently.

Visitor Examples:

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Some areas to consider for each…

Expected – Full Access:

  • Does a visitor questionnaire need to be completed? (Example: Visitor Questionnaire)
  • Completed on site?
  • Completed prior to arrival?
  • What PPE is necessary for them?
  • Is the manufacturer suppling PPE or is the visitor bringing it?
  • Will they be escorted?
  • How long will they be on site?
  • Are there new policies in place that they need to be informed of?

Expected – Limited Access:

  • Can scheduled pick-ups or drop off be completed without interaction?
  • Is there a specific area for pick up or delivery?
  • Are instructions for pick-up / delivery known or posted clearly?
  • Does the area need to be disinfected between interactions?


  • Do we allow unannounced visits?
  • Is there a phone number or instructions clearly visible showing visitor how to proceed?

These questions are intended to get manufacturers thinking about areas that may need to be addressed for visitors.

With any category of visitor, it is recommended to perform a temperature check prior to admitting the visitor. Temperature scanners work quickly and give the body temperature of the individual. If the visitor is showing a high temperature, then admittance to the facility should be denied.

Personnel performing temperature checks must be appropriately protected from exposure and should be appropriately trained.

Insyte Consulting is determined to assist our clients in reopening in the most efficient manner, please call us to help you.


We are all in this together; if any of our clients or partners have successfully implemented changes regarding these concepts and are willing to share with the WNY manufacturing community, we are asking you to submit them to us and we can share these best practices with all the manufacturers in our community. Descriptions, photos, examples, etc. would be beneficial and we can give you credit for any submissions that would be published.

Please submit any ideas to:  


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