Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information & Updates for Manufacturers

Reopen WNY: Protocol for COVID-19 Symptomatic Employee

symptomatic 1

One of the recommendations that is contained within the NY Forward guidelines for re-opening of manufacturers is to have a protocol in place for reaction if an employee is symptomatic for COVID-19.

Insyte has researched a number of different suggestions for this protocol and has created an example flowchart (below) for our clients, small and medium size manufacturers of WNY; suggesting ways to potentially proceed with a symptomatic employee.

symptomatic 3


Some of these guidelines and protocols can be somewhat confusing to create and/or implement. Insyte Consulting is determined to help all of our clients in navigating these waters. Please contact us for assistance at, or:

David Hanitz: 716-982-6406
Ryan Case: 716-864-4329

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