Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information & Updates for Manufacturers

Returning to Work – Layout Rearrangement

Artone LLC, Jamestown, NY

File photo: Artone LLC, Jamestown, NY

As manufacturers return to work, one key recommendation is to provide a safe working environment for all of their workers. One of the ways to continue to promote current social distancing guidelines is to ensure that:

  • Employees are at least six feet apart
  • Workers are not face-to-face

Based on the current office and shop floor layout, some manufacturers may need to re-evaluate their current arrangement, to adhere to these social distancing guidelines and do all they can to keep their employees safe.

  • Are workers across from each other? Office and/or assembly lines? Packaging lines?
  • Do your manufacturing cells have adequate room for employees to maneuver and keep the recommended distances? Do you need to redesign cells to limit 360° movement of employees?
  • Are you using two or more employees on some processes, where one could be adequate?
  • How can you more efficiently plan material flow to limit interaction of material handlers?

Insyte Consulting has years of experience in re-arranging workplaces, both shop floor and office, to increase flow and efficiency. We will help you to evaluate your current arrangements, make recommendations and assist in implementing improvements to keep your employees safe, while improving the flow and efficiency of your office and shop floor layouts.

To learn more about protecting your employees and improving the flow of materials, while promoting social distancing; please contact us at 716-636-3626 or We would love to help you through this and improve at the same time.