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Walking in our Neighborhood


Just across the street from our office at the Northland Central complex is the new Albright-Knox Northland, which opened in mid-January.  We walked over there last Friday, 612 Northland Avenue, to see the building and the new exhibits. The building is a reconverted factory  and is open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, while the Albright-Knox on Elmwood is closed for construction.


The gallery’s first exhibit, Open House: Domestic Thresholds, will be on display until April 12.  The exhibit explores “how people build connections to others both inside and outside the walls of those structures we call home.”  As part of the exhibit artist Heather Hart created a life-size roof at the center of the gallery and homes near Rodney Hart’s studio on Fillmore Avenue inspired a series of paintings displayed along the walls.  Our engineers enjoyed examining the construction of the roof and our docent helped us appreciate the methods and techniques the artists used to create their displays.

abkx1We look forward to visiting again to see what the gallery’s comes up with for their second exhibit.