INSIGHTS: FALL 2018 — CASE STUDY: Safetec of America


Founded in 1991, Safetec of America manufactures over-the-counter healthcare products for infection control, health safety and first aid. Its products are sold via private label agreements and under the Safetec brand name through distributors and contract packagers.

After experiencing significant sales growth as a result of an Insyte strategic marketing project three years earlier, Safetec found that its sales were beginning to level off. Although the sales force was working “longer, harder and faster” they found that sales were still ebbing and flowing around the same level. Uncertain of what to try next, Safetec decided to once again engage a sales and marketing specialist from Insyte Consulting.

After careful analysis of Safetec’s sales channels, customers and internal sales management practices, the Insyte consultant found that the management practices that helped the company attain its current sales level were not adequate to take Safetec to the next level of growth. The project team developed and implemented a new methodology for prioritizing customer sales opportunities as well as a tool for managing sales activities to focus limited sales time on the best opportunities. This cultural shift for the sales team required leadership to continually reinforce the new practices. Insyte also helped Safetec improve the alignment of its marketing activities to better support its sales outreach efforts.