Operational Excellence – One-Day Workshop

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Is your organization looking for ways to achieve superior performance? This highly-interactive workshop will outline the steps to become a high-performing organization.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Larkin at Exchange Building
726 Exchange Street, Buffalo, NY 14210
Eighth Floor Conference Center – Barton Room

$160 per Company (1-4 attendees)



  • the necessary conditions to create a high-performing organization
  • the roles of leadership and customer focus
  • how to measure and establish metrics
  • how to create a stable and capable delivery system
  • how to identify initiatives that could achieve a 20-25% improvement with your current workforce
  • how to construct a strategy that achieves a competitive market advantage

Morning Session – Introduction to Operational Excellence and Aligning Metrics and KPIs

This session investigates the conflicts that traditional metrics create with organizations and introduces metrics necessary to change the behaviors necessary to achieve breakthrough results. In addition, this session also discusses how to define each improvement initiative and link it to the Operational Excellence Strategy.

Afternoon Session – Lessons in Synchronous Flow for Operations

This session is a hands-on simulation that demonstrates and evaluates the different approaches to managing operations for any environment. The focus of this session is to create a stable and capable delivery system to better service customers that will set the stage for improving the overall performance of the organization.



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